ABO-20 Single Infrared Beam Detector - Active Half Egg Photoelectric Sensor

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ABO-20 Single Infrared Beam Detector – Active Half Egg Photoelectric Sensor

This is Active Infrared Detector.Install each pair at the opposite positions.Then there is a infrared area between these two detector parts. When someone passes the infrared region, the detector will send alarm signal to the security alarm host (which not included here).

1) Great to be installed for security system in school, office building, hosipital, home yard, etc.
2) Detecting range be reduced to 30% in bad weather conditions, like rain, dust, etc.
3) Anti-glare up to 50, 000 LUX, built-in automatic adjustment glare filter system, to avoid the impact of glare or car lights
4) Sealed design to anti-rain (fog), dust (worms) and other integrated weather, can keep normal operation in harsh environment
5) When faced with fog or inclement weather, the detector sensitivity will increase automatically(AGC circuit)
6) With high levels of anti-RFI / EMI capability
7) Unique design of the digital filter circuit
8) High-power transmitter, sensitivity surplus degree up to 90%
9) High-power infrared receiver tube, low-power process technology
10) Anti-lightning circuit design
11) With rain cover design
12) C relay output
13) Adjustable of beam interdiction period, to make it more flexible and adaptable
14) Professional anti-jamming optical housing
15) Model: ABO-20
16) Outdoor alert distance: 10m
17) Indoor alert distance: 20m
18) Beam: 1
19) Induction speed: 30ms
20) Alarm output : NC& NO contact rating: AV/DC 30V/0.5mA
21) Ganged Alarm: Yes
22) Working voltage: DC12-24V
23) Working current: Receiver: 15mA Transmitter: 30mA
24) Humidity: 5%-95% RH
25) Case material: PC
26) Dimensions: 7.5*4.9*2.5cm




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